sa 160612

live + albumpräsentation: Collapsing New People - *Crash Test Junkie*/ (A)
Songs from the album *Crash Test Junkie* performed by Collapsing New People, Suicide Potion, Les Misérables (feat. David Pfister & members of Squishy Squid)
djs ally sheedy (squishy squid), didi disko (collapsing new people), vienna decay dj- team ---- eintritt frei

di 190612

live: Arktis/Air (A)
dj ddkern
vk5.-/ak 7.-

mi 200612

der blöde dritte Mittwoch
workshop & presentation: Mario De Vega & Victor Mazon (MX) *snuff*, concert: Marko Karlovčec (SLO) saxophone, no-input mixing board, guitar, performance: Anat Stainberg (IL): *SHORTLY*
dj nilom ---- ak 5.-

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