so 161114

noiseappeal presents: live: RAINSTICK COWBELL (US), ANDRIANO DE DAUCOCCO (A/I)
dj sado (deltapunk)
ak 7.-

di 181114

Huellkurven - Soundpoetry Performances und Release der dritten Ausgabe des online sound poetry magazines dedicated to sound poetry, poésie sonore, lautpoesie, noise poetry, sound-text composition, auditive poesie, audio poetry etc.
Mit: Petra Ganglbauer, Thomas Havlik, Helmhart, Zuzana Husárová, Onophon, Jörg Piringer und Jörg Zemmler
dj gnidam

mi 191114

live JUDY DUNAWAY [US/balloon music], PENNY SWANEE (sliding whistle) ORCHESTRA - composition/schemed by KEIKO UENISHI (JP / US) [performance], KATHARINA ERNST + MARTIN SIEWERT (A)
dj le week-end ---- ak 5.-

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